Last Shades of Winter on CFF Viseu

Winter photography on the line from Viseu reveals unique winter shades

Last shades of winter while Mocanita steam train is passing on the way to the top on CFF Vișeu de Sus.

In December 2016 the Wasser Valley was filled with a lot of snow like a blanket that was about to last until February this year. Frozen temperatures transformed the water surface into a big, long bridge made out of layers or ice. Layer after layer the ice reflected the image of the steam train passing by while another layer was building up with shades.

Week after week the fluffy snow let the plow pas to make way for the production and tourism trains. Now, in February, there is less and less snow but up in the forest the dunes still oppose spring. They are still reflecting mocanita trains.

In the image 764-469 steam locomotive passing a curve on the way to Comanu with a production train. The hay is necessary for the horses working up in the forest and it is transported up with the steam train.


Photo (c) Daniel Secărescu |

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