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In the land of the deep forests and high mountains...

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In the land of the deep forests and high mountains, on the bank of the Wasser river and just a few kilometers South from the Ukrainian border the last forestry narrow gauge steam railway in Europe welcomes you to discover its secrets.


With camera in hand and professional photographer Daniel Secărescu at your side you will capture the wild beauty of this Romanian treasure through a 5 days photo-tour adventure.
The line is used all year long and each day the trains are going almost 40 km inside the forest, up in the Carpathians, for bringing down logs loaded wagons. This is not a museum line as the timber is needed by sawmills and wood industry in Viseu de Sus village.
The photo-tours are designed for enthusiast or professional photographers and video makers and each day the available steam locomotives will drive you on the line to catch the best of it. We will journey back in the time of the 1960s, ’70s or ’80s as each train will be pulled by one of the historical steam locomotives and will have decades old wagons. There are special planned photo stops on the line for you to fill your cameras with the best scenery or your microphones with the original sounds of forestry steam adventure.

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