With Mocanita on CFF Moldovita

If today is Thursday then it is time to go to CFF Moldovita.

mocanita foto Daniel Secarescu

If today is Thursday then it is time to go to CFF Moldovita. We have been here before but this time is more interesting as the line was prolonged to Argel since December 2013 and today we have not one but two trains.

First will leave the tourism train pulled by mocanita 764-243 (Budapest 1911) taking up to Argel three small carriages through not so much snow like last year but more than on CFF Viseu de Sus. Normally these carriages and 764-404R steam loco provides tourism steam trains on this line for the tourism season.

The second train is the production one pulled by 764-404R “Hutulca” (Reghin 1984). This steam loco pulls a few logs empty wagons and the “traditional” Moldovita “G” wagon filled not with wood but with a lot of mechanical items needed in case of a problem at the engines, wagons or the track.

The sun followed us here from Viseu providing a perfect back light on the line key points. If in the past few years the show was provided by the snow and slippery track, this year the presence of the two steam machines, longer line and light were the special ingredients for a perfect journey.

Photo (c) Daniel Secărescu | www.mocanita.ro

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