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Private Houses in Viseu de Sus

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House "Barsan"

Photo House Barsan - Viseu de Sus

Near by the CFF railroad the house belongs to the steam locomotive fireman Vasile Barsan. Three comfortable guestrooms are available for 3 to 6 people and with access to two bathrooms, one endowed with shower and the other one with tub. Covered balcony directly at the track, safe parking area, grill facilities in the garden are some other endowments you will find here.

For reservations and additional information you can call:

Tel. +40 741 66 22 69

The house is located nearby the

CFF line in Viseu


House "Stancuta"

Photo House Stancuta - Viseu de Sus

This nice looking house called "Pensiunea Stancuta" is located in the back of the CFF Viseu de Sus mocanita depot (see location map). It has 3 rooms each endowed with a double king size bad and individual bathroom as well as dining room and kitchen. Several cars can fit into the secured paved parking area.

For details or reservations you can call: +40745 096 481


House "Chira"

Photo House Chira - Viseu de Sus

This local looking house is located in "Tipserai" part of Viseu de Sus, on 60 Teilor Street. You can reach the house in 30 minutes walking from the CFF railway station and 20 minutes from the city town.

The house has three double rooms for rent each one endowed with individual bathroom. The kitchen has all home appliance needed and is available for self-service as well as the living room. Cable TV, central heating and private parking are available 24/7.

For more details and reservation please contact:


House "Anastasia Bota"

Photo House Anastasia Bota - Viseu de Sus

Family Bota lives in the "Zipserei", the former German quarter of Viseu de Sus (approximately 30 minutes walking up to the forest rail). Accommodation can be made into three guestrooms (and a separate small apartment with own kitchen and bath) and here can stay overnight up to 9 persons.

Very calm neighborhood, beautiful garden, and ideal location as starting point for walking to Wine Valley and Water Valley. Mrs. Bota is a highly gifted cook - better than here you can not eat anywhere in Viseu de Sus!

For reservation and other details you can call: Tel. +40 262 354 233




House "Danuta"

Photo House Danuta - Viseu de Sus

This nice family house belongs to Petre Grad and it is located nearby CFF railway, 10 minutes from the CFF station by walk.

Accommodation can be made in 4 rooms with double beds, bathrooms, living room, large parking area also suitable for tends. The garden is endowed also with grill accessories.


For reservations you can call: Tel. +40 (0)788 217 570




House "Daria"

Photo House Daria - Viseu de Sus

Small and calm private pension in direct proximity of the CFF station of the Water Valley. The house offers several very comfortable guest rooms (see photo) in a beautiful residence with a living room and some other endowments. This house belongs to the sympathetic teacher married couple Ticala and they speak both German and French.

For reservation and other details you can call:

Tel. +40 262 355 051

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